PHP Lessons

How to publish our php pages

If you want to publish in the server (i.e. in the remote site) you have to save before the file test.php in the local site, i.e. in a folder in your PC.

The local site must have a file called index.htm too; it will work like a home page. You have to create a link from index.htm to test.php

Remember: the folder in the local site must be the exact mirror of the one in the remote site, in the server.
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How to enter in the remote site:

  1. Click on the PHP Labs section in this site.
  2. Click on the Personal pages administration: you are in the remote site. Here you'll find your index.htm or a temporary file.
  3. Click on Upload file, browse to the index.htm and test.php files in your local site and click on Upload again.
  4. If all is OK, you'll see an OK message.
  5. Go out from Personal pages administration, by clicking on Back to Laboratories.
  6. Now, if you click on your name, you can see the home page of the remote site with the link to test.php.
  7. Check the test.php over.
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In case of syntax error, a message like: PARSE ERROR .... will appear with the line of the program where the error was found (perhaps it can be in a previous row).
In this case, be patient and try to understand what is the error, then rectify it (in the local site) and upload again the modified file in the remote site.

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