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Competences: To open the note book and to write a simple web page,
yo save it as file.htm and to read it with the browser

Contents: The tags html, head, body

What HTML means?


Text editors

What are the tags?

  • HTML tags are sintactic elements used to mark-up HTML elements, like

  • Code (what you write) Output (what the browser shows)
    <b> Hello </b> to everybody!!!
    Hello to everybody!!!

  • The two characters "<" and ">" are called angle brackets.

  • The start tag is <b>
  • The end tag is </b>
  • .

    The web page

  • The html file (or web page) is an object between <html> .. </html> tags
  • In the web page there are 2 sub-objects: a head and a body.
  • The head is an object between <head> .. </head> tags.
  • The head contents informations about the page.
  • The content of the page is between the tags: <body> .. </body>
  • In the body object there are several objects: text, images, anchors, tables, forms, list ....
  • Every object has different tags.
  • We'll learn it!

  • Write your first web page!

    1. Open the Note Pad (Start, Programs, Accessories, Note Pad)
    2. Write this text:
       This is my first web page (or whatever you want to write)
    3. Save the file as index.htm (Be sure to choose All files when you save it!)
    4. Open the saved file with a double click on it and look. The browser will open automatically. To see the code HTML, click on the menu View - HTML
    5. If ok, upload this file in your work area (Laboratories) in the Comenius site
      (open the Personal pages Administration and Upload your file)
      The file you have just created will take place of the Temporary Home Page.
    6. Write a message in the forum "The web page" to inform that your page is done!

    Ludovica Battista

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